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Americans have no problem with debt; many have plenty of it and while a mortgage is the standard way for a family to build up assets, not all debt can be seen in such positive light. Personal loans can be used for a number of things. On most occasions applicants do not need to explain what they intend to do with the money. A new automobile is often funded by such a loan. The recession had many casualties and those who found themselves with a poor credit score as a result of the recession may feel that their access to such loans is limited. They may still be in serious financial trouble but there is a route to financial stability. Problems will not suddenly disappear without taking that route.

Secured Loans the Cheapest

Those who have significant value in their real estate, the difference between its market value and the amount outstanding on their mortgage, are in a strong position. There may be a time in the future when they want to use that value, perhaps as part of their retirement provisions when downsizing. Perhaps they are looking to pay off their mortgage early, and certainly that is something they should do before reaching retirement age. In any event it can be used as collateral against a loan. Secured loans are cheaper than unsecured ones though that is not a reason for borrow cash because ultimately the home is vulnerable in the event of default.

The Last Decade

The financial sector has had an interesting decade. The Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO) Crisis had repercussions within the sector and society as a whole. Within society many people lost their jobs and foreclosures were common throughout the Country. Traditional financial institutions suffered and their lending policies became extremely conservative. They needed to increase their own asset bases again and certainly took every possible step to avoid potentially toxic debt. Those in real need of help were rarely likely to get traditional institutions to help them meaning they had to explore other avenues such as Credit Unions if they were unable or unwilling to go to friends or relations, perhaps for the money itself or to be a co-signatory.

Look at Alternatives

You can do your own research online to see all the alternatives and make up your own mind. You may well reach the conclusion that the best people to approach are online quick loans lenders themselves. They are making up an increasing proportion of the financial sector. Whilst it is not always wise to generalize, they tend to take a far more positive approach to lending that traditional institutions. They do look at credit score but not as part of the decision making process itself. Those with a poor score may find they are charged an interest rate a little above the most competitive ones but they will be approved if they have the income to make the instalment repayments throughout the full term of the loan.

It is a service that is very convenient and completely confidential. There are no embarrassing interviews and the application process is quick and simple. If you follow the website's instructions and have all your information to hand, you can apply online and expect a decision extremely quickly. The money will be automatically transferred into the account you provided within a business day.

Real Estate Is a Positive Investment

Real estate in the medium to long term is generally accepted to be a good investment, probably the best one that a family can make in order to build up assets. 'Medium to long term' is important because the problems created by the Collateralized Debt Obligation (CDO) Crisis that brought about the recession left many people in trouble because of their inability to pay their mortgages. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but many of them were never really going to be able to meet their monthly payments. There has rarely been a time where so much toxic debt was being created with mortgage providers extremely lax in their approval criteria.

While those years are not a reason to look elsewhere for investment, they do demonstrate the need for more common sense among those seeking a mortgage and better control from providers. Mortgage companies are keen to lend to those that can demonstrate that they have the means to repay their borrowings which in the case of mortgages may be for a term of up to 30 years.

Obviously if someone has successfully make regular instalment payments for a few years in most cases the property will have grown in value and hence the mortgage company's exposure is reduced. However when looking at applications companies will look at the credit score of applicants as well as their current income and liabilities.

Have a Strong Case

It is in everyone's interests to be able to make out a good case for a mortgage. Those whose financial management skills looks limited may not succeed. The indicators are broadly that they do not appear to have control of their spending. Take for example someone who is carrying significant credit card debt and paying high interest on that debt each month. Why would anyone do that if they could save money by paying off such balances by taking out a personal loan at a far lower rate of interest?

Every mortgage application has to be justified by regular income showing a monthly surplus after all expenditure is deducted. Evidence might include a checking statement so applicants must be able to show that their statements will read well when they are asking for money. It may well mean delaying plans for a while until the position looks better.


There are some common courses of action to improve things:

The object of the exercise is to be someone that can have a realistic chance of getting a mortgage to get real estate that is affordable and likely to appreciate in value in the future. It is not a 'get rich quick' strategy that was often the motive behind buying immediately before the recession struck.

Positive Environment

The US Economy has emerged from recession and new jobs are being created month on month. The mood of optimism that has resulted means that mortgage companies recognize that growth has returned and risk is reduced. The secret is to be able to show as an applicant there is minimal risk in approving an application.

Those in search of a good life and comfortable retirement need to be in control of their finances and to build for the future. Real estate can certainly play a major part in financial plans. The equity that can be built over time and if necessary the asset can be cashed in for retirement although there will still be living expenses to factor back in. The point is that property is a positive way to save and although expensive debt such as credit cards do not make sense, a mortgage is debt that can work positively.

Affordability the Key

Personal loans are available for anyone who can demonstrate their ability to repay in full. It is just a matter of finding a lender to suit your personal circumstances. If you have significant real estate and are happy to use it for collateral you are likely to get the best rates in the marketplace. If you have a poor credit score then the best alternative is likely to be an online lender. What you should guard against is taking out a payday loan which requires repayment when the next pay check comes in and becoming reliant each month on such a loan. As a short term and one off choice it can help but you must be very careful.

Wherever you get the money you want you must understand the terms and conditions involved before you sign anything. Online lenders who have built a reputation for service and transparency are certainly a good choice.

It seems as though Americans in general have few sleepless nights over debt. However, think about your personal situation and work on that rather than taking comfort from being part of a society where debt is the norm.

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